Wipe Out Zone

Wipe Out Zone

Inflatable Interactive Wipe Out Zone Game Rental

Want to pretend to be a Wipe Out Zone contestant? You will experience belly laughs, and giggles galore as you watch falls, face plants and mishaps as they try to keep from falling. The Wipe Out Zone game takes average people and challenges them to overcome silly obstacles by avoiding the sweeper arm. Jump over it, or jump under it and watch out for fake outs! Bring your cameras, as this ride provides great picture taking opportunities. Riders will want to do it again and again. Great unit for kids parties, graduation parties, all-night parties, church events, company events and/or picnics in Southeast Michigan and SO MUCH MORE! Great for Kids and Adults!

Can you survive the Wipe Out Zone?! Four of you are trapped floating in the “ocean” on pods trying to avoid the swinging arm. Do you jump or do you duck? Either way just make sure that you don’t get get hit and fall into the “water” surrounding you. Our trained tech will start the Wipe Me Out slowly but just when you feel you are a wipe me out pro he’ll speed it up until only the champion is left.
Note: no actual water is used in this game
This game is a blast for any age!
Children and adults are entertained as they jump and duck to try and avoid
being knocked over by the swinging arm.
Game is for 1-4 players.

Price : $850 for 3 hours
$100 for each additional hour




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