The Drop Rock

The Drop Rock

Rock Climbing Wall and Bungee Jumper Rental

If you are looking for something unique, new and exciting for your event…the Rock Climbing Wall and Bungees is it! This unit brings the best of TWO attractions to your event in one package. First is the 25 foot tall deluxe 5 person climbing wall, if that’s not enough, on each side of this wall are Euro Bungee jumpers. Participants harness up and are attached to our bungee cords to sore high in the air. They begin to jump on the inflated bongo jumpers as the operators engage the lifting rams. Soon the bungee motion takes over and the jumpers enjoy getting weightless and some extreme air. This is the favorite ride at every event we do! Both young and old can enjoy this ride and it is the most repeated item in our inventory.

This combination unit allows 5 climbers and 2 jumpers to go all at the same time. With 7 people all in motion 15-25 feet in the air this is a huge attraction at any event. The motion of the Bungee Jumpers is just what the kids are looking for, while at the same time keeping them in a safe and controlled environment. Big air flips and superman no look grabs are all part of the fun. As with ALL our climbing walls and attractions this unit is fully staffed with interactive, Airborne Bouncers staff, fully insured, set up and delivered right to your event.

Price: $250 per hour for Rock Climbing Wall alone 3 hour minimum rental $400 per hour for Rock Climbing Wall and Bungees 3 hour minimum rental

5 Climbing Lanes Staff for length of event




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